Go Warriors!

Today (my birthday!!) we went to our first ever U.S sporting event, Basketball!

We decided it would be a good experience and we had heard a lot about the Warriors in the time we had been here so we chose to watch them play against the LA Lakers so it was a little north/south rivalry.

I had no idea what to expect as I hadn’t been to any kind of sports game before but it was such good fun! The atmosphere was great, everyone was cheering and getting in to the game. The stadium felt so big and there were so many people there. They have so many options throughout the stadium for food and had a store and a couple of stands where you could purchase your Warriors apparel so, of course, we had to purchase a couple of things (we went for the classic foam finger and two hats).

IMG_0208It was definitely a great experience and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who visits the states. They put on a half time performance for everyone at the game which was pretty entertaining, not to mention you get to watch the cheerleaders do their thing.


Basketball is one sport that I found really easy to get in to, though i’m sure the atmosphere of being at a live game helped with that. Its fast paced, short quarters, easy to follow and can get pretty exciting. We haven’t been here that long so this was our first real exposure to the NBA and American sports but it certainly set the bar and opened us up to going to watch other live sports.

Of course, the Warriors wiped the floor with the Lakers! They were the defending champs and broke the record for the best ever regular season, which was pretty cool to witness.

We would definitely go again in the future!




Making a house, a home

So, we found a cute two bed apartment super close to work. The grounds are so pretty and always kept cut and well maintained. This place has 5 pools guys?! a small gym, and it just feels so quiet and pleasant. We moved in on October 17th and then began kitting it out with furniture (from trusty old IKEA, of course!) It was so much fun, there’s nothing like being able to have everything just how you want it, you know?

Anyway, we got there in the end and this is the end result!


Not a bad job for our first ever apartment tbh! 😀


Here’s a little peak at one of the pools. (Where I spend a lot of my free time as you can imagine!)


Our Story

Welcome to our blog!

We decided to start this page as a way of documenting our lives following a move across the pond to the United States, just two young Brits trying to make it in the big wide world.

Before coming to the States we were still living at home with our parents in England so this was a big step for us. Not only were we moving out but we chose to move 5000 odd miles across the Atlantic Ocean to California (I mean, who does that, right?!)

The move happened pretty fast, we found out we were going in June/July and flew out on October 1st. I quit my job, we sold our cars and packed up our 6 suitcases with all our belongings and off we went to start a new life!

Upon arrival in San Francisco we collected our hire car and drove to our new city. It was so surreal. Seeing the yellow school buses, driving on the other side of the car, on the other side of the road, and on a 6 lane freeway in rush hour traffic! It was pretty scary but so exciting at the same time. Nevertheless, we made it to our destination in one piece and were ready for the next phase of our journey… APARTMENT HUNTING!